Tish Taylor Presents The BR Lab Business Behind The Band Tish Taylor 360 Subscribe
Tish Taylor Presents The BR Lab Business Behind The Band Tish Taylor 360 Subscribe
With her powerful mix of ingenuity, energy, and instinct, Tish Taylor is an unstoppable force in both marketing and talent management. As the day to day Manager for her son Jacob Latimore, Taylor has helped to guide the 21 year old singer and actor into a fast-thriving career that’s recently included running his own independent record label, to co-starring with Will Smith in Collateral Beauty, working with Oscar-winning Director Kathryn Bigelow in “Detroit” and in 2018 co-starring in a new Showtime TV Drama “The Chi.”

After securing a couple of brand deals for Jacob, Tish expanded her endeavors by starting the Tish Taylor 360 Agency (a brand management and sponsorship agency for consumer products and service companies, with a mission of building dynamic, and long-lasting relationships between brands and their consumers). Also the owner of Tish Taylor Presents (a boutique talent management agency), and Business Behind the Band (a consulting and project management agency for Talentpreneur’s) the self-driven executive combines strategic savvy with boundless passion to deliver unparalleled results for each client.

Tish got her degree in Marketing while studying at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. While her mother worked for a Milwaukee radio station, she was intrigued by the jobs of the record label representatives who came into the market and would help in coordinating with artists promotions. Tish quickly earned an internship as a Midwest College Marketing Representative for Sony Music and upon graduating in 2001, she joined the major distributor as the Wisconsin Field Marketing Representative, curating promotions and branded activations in the state, for the Columbia and Epic Records rosters.

Her six years at Sony Music sharply honed her skills in brand activation and management, an expertise that Taylor next channeled into her role as an Account Executive for GMR, an award-winning experiential marketing agency specializing in sports, music, entertainment and lifestyle brand engagements.

Excited about the future, Tish is focused on building her personal brand while executing and overseeing various marketing campaigns for a broad range of brands in the entertainment and consumer products space.